I'm proud to have Bessie Mecham as a friend and happy that she choose to became a " Certified Myoskeletal Therapist" with Freedom From Pain Institute. The massage profession is growing at an astounding rate due to fine therapist like Bessie and highly recommend her work"

Erik Dalton,Ph.D Executive Director of the Freedom From Pain Institute

" Bessy, thank you so much for our session today. I could feel the healing. You are a gifted woman!!! Blessed to have you on my healing team" A. Markis, Pembrook, NH 


I'd like to thank you Bessy for your gifts of healing.You are unique among your peers and I am blessed to have been introduced to you. Its evident that you love your life's work. Your passion transcends through your energy and your skilled hands to healing and optimum care. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Be well and have a blessed day! 

Cecile Peterson, New Castle, NH 


After a treatment of CranioSacral Therapy with Bessy Mecham, I felt more grounded and positive. With a condition that affects the walking, having better balance and less back pain was wonderful. The therapy was performed with respect to the person and she listen for your preference to enhance the time spent together. I left like I was in caring and healing hands." I highly recommend her healing abilities !

Cynthia Willey, Salem, MA


" I am happy to report that I'm feeling more glowy and vital that I have been for a while, and I think I've broken though a really "stuck" phase. I believe (CST) CranioSacral Therapy has played a mayor role in this. I know it's kind of early to make kind of pronouncement after 3 sessions, but it's working for me. Thank you Bessy Mecham!!  

Anthony Perry, Burlington, Vertmont


"I first met Bessy for Reiki in 2008 and have been receiving treatments ever since. Although I believe Reiki has help me in many ways areas of my lfe, what is most amazing is the relief from the lower back pain. I have herniated disks and degenerative disk L5-S1.

At times prior to Reiki, the pain has been unbearable. With regular Reiki, I experience discomfort only after exerting myself but none of the chronic, day by day I had on regular basic previously. Bessy is also a truly caring, concerned person who takes a genuine interest in me, my family and our well being. When she inquires about us, it is out genuine concern and kindness, her warmth radiate through her personality. I am extremely grateful to have such a skilled professional in my life"

Chystine Collins-Blums, Concord, NH


I booked a massage with Bessy on an advice of a colleague. I have been in three cities in three days, my shoulders and lower back were very sore and I needed some relief before an important meeting. She was friendly and asked questions and quickly narrowed what I needed. This was no fluff and buff, but real bodywork. Focusing on the problem areas. Her technique is firm and consistent. She really listen to what you tell her.

The atmosphere at her studio is soothing and relaxed. Bessy is attentive, professional and committed. I highly recommend her vast array of services to all"

Paul Case, Boston, MA


" Bessy is simply the best. She has a sixth sense for what is wrong and knows what to do. I always  feel wonderful when I leave - All my tension melts away.On top of her other skills a Professional Massage Therapist, Bessy is a lovely person, always cheerful and easy to be with. She brightens my mood every time. I've had many massage therapist in my life, but Bessy is, well simply the best"

Meg Hirshberg,  Concord, NH


" I have been a client of Bessy's for many years, and whether it is massage or Energy Work I know that my well being is being treated with the utmost of care and consideration. The level of professionalism is what you would expect from someone who is trained and demands the best of herself. If you are looking for someone who can work in many modalities, then Bessy is just who you have been  searching for ease the tension, to work through the pain from injury, and to help you recover your best self. I highly recommend her services"

Susan Negelsen, Henniker, NH


" Bessy Mecham has an intuitive touch that addressed problem areas. I've been carrying around for years that no other therapist  had been able to get to. She can work very deeply when called for, but is also very soothing and relaxing when I just need to unwind. She's now an important part of my monthly plan for a health life, right there with a better diet and daily exercise. I highly recommend Bessy"

S. Lynch, New London, NH


I can't believe my good fortune of stumbling upon your massage practice... I walk or bike by your building nearly every day, and never noticed your sign until early this summer. Now after a month or so of wonderful therapy, I walk by noticeable straighter and certainly more pain free.

After years of quietly suffering with a neck injury and years of accumulated strains from sports and work, I am finally experiencing a full range of pain free motion. I can't thank you enough! I recommend you to anyone that will listen, but only until someone tries to get my morning time slot.

Kevin Gray, Concord, NH


Bessy literally changed my life. I suffered from severe tension and migraine headaches daily for many years and had tried everything. After a few weeks of consistent massage work with Bessy, my headaches are virtually non-existent. What makes Bessy so effective is her magical touch, her hands have an intuition of her own and seek out problems areas and her excellent listening skill. For the first time with a massage therapist, I felt my concerns were being heard and someone was actually listening to me. I highly recommend Bessy!

Katrina Stephenson, Camden, Maine


Bessy Mecham has all the admirable qualities of the best massage therapist. She create her own, healing environment. She practices all the modalities from energy work to deep tissue. Her hands run healing energy into my body and I am thankful for her healing abilities. She keeps track of my progress, and she stays on top her clients needs and issues. I highly recommend her work to anyone who is seeking at the level of the soul as well as of body and emotions.

Katie Willey,  York, Maine


" I highly recommend Bessy Mecham as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Work Practitioner. She creates and atmosphere of deep peace and nurturing that allows one to fully release tension of life"

JK, Concord, NH


As a avid cyclist, the repetitive exercise requires a therapist who is knowledgeable of the body's muscles group and has the technique to provide deep tissue massage. Bessy is that therapist who is able to identify and adapt the massage as needed. I highly recommend a massage by Bessy to sports athlete or anyone who is physically active as part of an outgoing wellness program.

Brad Borbidge, Concord, NH


" I have experienced massage therapy for over 13 years and Bessy is a tremendously talented, and gifted therapist. She has a caring and nurturing approach to how she approach her work, and displays the highest level of professionalism. What I like the most, is that it's never boring, she is always finding something new and interesting to work into my massage. I highly recommend Bessy to anyone suffering from a chronic physical condition"

Brenda Horan, Nashua, NH


" I have benefited tremendously from Bessy's skills and techniques with Myofascial Release. She's very good listener, both to the concerns I am to articulate with words and to the physical response my muscles communicate to her hands. She has great energy and shares it generously. Let Bessy be a positive and healing influence on you. She is amazingly intuitive, and she's always able to identify what needs to be worked on, usually without me saying a word. I highly recommend Bessy Mecham"

Mike Colbert, Merrimack, NH


" I've been a student, practitioner, and a recipient of massage for 16 years, and I'm particular in choosing my massage therapist, Bessy is the best I've found! She's very knowledgeable, and tuned into her clients. She continues to learn massage techniques that make her more expert in her craft. through my session with Bessy I've come to trust in healing power of massage"

Barbara S. Bow, NH


"I just wanted to tell you the miracle work you did with my lower back. It has not felt this good in years and I have actually been able to do the stretches, I have not been able to do that without of pain and continued discomfort! Thank you for taken the time to explore the issue and figuring what ist was ! THANK YOU!!

R.Mitchel, Concord, NH


" My CranioSacral Therapy with Bessie... you're helping me restore areas of injury and tension that no one has been able to touch. It's incredible how much my body is releasing, that whole area feels so much open and I feel lighter. You're working with really injuries that I never connected with my current symptoms. I know this is really helping me".... Thank you so much!

R.Young. Meredith, NH


" Bessy has been gifted with healing hands and loving heart that treats the whole person...I highly recommend her!!!

Delia L. Manchester, NH


" Bessy, your CranioSacral Therapy work is so soothing and relaxing...WOW!...it provided me with a dreamlike state of being. When the session was over I couldn't believe I was on the table that long, it only seemed like a few minutes of sweet serenity"... I am looking forward for my next session!

M.K. Salisbury, NH


" Bessie has a wonderful capacity for genuine, compassion that allow me to feel comfortable enough to relax into doing CranioSacral Therapy"

Felix Machado, Cannan, NH