Owner and creator of Soul Harmony CranioSacral Therapy. I have over 14  years of professional experience in the healing arts. My focus is in the healing arts, and Holistic Alternative Medicine. This includes all concepts of energy ~ light, sound, body, mind, spirit emotion and soul.

As a Spiritual Healer my greatest joy comes from inspiring and helping you to become empowered, optimistic, healthy and happy individual that you wish to be. I believe heart, I believe true happiness comes from the freedom to be who we are without judgment from ourselves or others. I want to encourage you to love and accept yourself fully; to be true to who you are.

Within a non judgmental healing environment I aim to provide you with the chance to honestly express your feelings and fears, to heal them and to give you the tools to take with you to continue your growth outside of the healing session.

I had devoted this past 15 years to spiritual development and growth and continues to pass my knowledge as a shamanic healer, mentor, therapist and wellness practitioner.

My experience is a culmination of extensive training in spiritual healing, holistic modalities. This background has provided me with a rich pallete and particular gifts, offering a unique healing experience.  My work has emerged from 14 years of workshops . Thousands of hours certified training, spiritual initiations, direct experiences, and deep personal work. I have been employed in the healing arts for over 14 years and have help many people in their personal healing and spiritual journeys. I work with the 4 body systems -physical, emotional, energy and mental.  The sessions range from intuitive bodywork with energetic healing and clearing as a foundation, to an intuitive reading that assist with your spiritual awakening .

I work  with multiple energy streams for healing and clearing energy, This energy facilitates healing and can accelerate your spiritual opening. I am catalyst that simulates change in the consciousness as well as the energy field. I am highly Emphatic - that means I feel emotions, energies, and words that are stored in all your bodies ( emotional, mental, physical, energetic) and I help to clear them out and  bring  in to alignment and  balance. 

I meet you where you are and move in organic way that honors your unique rhythm of healing. You may come to a session with intentions of what you want the focus to be. I read your energy and create a session, or I can do a combination of both.

Spiritual Awakening

My bio is my development of skills through extensive training. The journey of an awakened healer is another story. There is deep personal transformation and growth that comes with this path, the most powerful from direct experience. That can’t be taught. However, the wisdom can be shared.

I was born into a family with a tremendous amount of pain and dysfunction. I had a nervous breakdown between the ages of 18 -19. Some spiritual teachings suggest a nervous breakdown is similar to a spiritual awakening, or a breakthrough. A time of rapid release of old pain and conditions. My soul was screaming for help.

Six years later, while living in Augsburg, Germany,  I entered a dark night of the Soul. I was in an intense cycle of depression that lasted 1 year. I was on medication that made me feel crazier than the depression. During that time I met a Healer who told me I would be healing with my hands, communicating about transformation; I was a healer and I healed with light. I had no idea how that was me, or how I would even get from where I was to what was written in the stars. I did know this lady spoke truth that I felt deep in my soul. I began to study crystals, essential oils and found blends that helped ease the darkness. I learned crafts, I explored art as a healing tool. I pulled myself up and out and started a career in integrated energy and healing in Harrogate, England. I came out the other side ~ transformation.

I was back in the the USA  in 1997, and I started with massage school. Then met my first spiritual teacher.  I graduated from Massage school in 2006.  I was trained as a Shamballa, Karuna, and  Reiki Master Teacher under the Usui System of Natural Healing.  I was tough and teach the traditional form of Energy Healing and bodywork. This initiated powerful transformation in all areas of my life.  I started to teach with a passion.  I teach all levels of Reiki from First to Master Teacher Degree.

My path of personal healing is also a path of spiritual awakening. As I began my journey of shedding my layers, healing my pain, transforming my soul ~ I was led to many who became my teachers and mentors and shamans.

I learned about honoring the spirit world.  I studied with a beautiful soul who taught me  Shamballa - Reiki Multi-Dimensional Healing Energy and other healing modalities , working with guides, shamans, meditation, channeling, and psychic healing. They gave me a strong base in alternative medicine. I’ve had  many teachers  who taught ways to heal the body, soul, and spirit. They reminded me of my power and light. They helped me awaken my spiritual energy and develop myself as a conduit for energy.

I am an old soul. I chose to remember and awaken so I could help others do the same. I shine bright and remind others of the light they carry. As I stand in my purpose, I invite purpose for others. I express divine energy through my oils, voice, hands, and heart.  As I walked this path, I had to learn to listen to the voice of my soul, it is the voice that was always speaking the loudest, always nudging me to understand truth, the spirit, the soul, awakening, depth, heart, light and shadow.

My soul remembers many lifetimes; as a priestess, oracle, shaman, herbalist, medicine woman, faith healer, seer, & healer. I remember working in the oil rooms in the temples of Egypt, working with divine feminine energy,  & mystery schools. I am here, again, to work with the healing arts and beauty. Essential oils, crystals, incense, energy, wisdom, healing, soul expression, and divine energy ~ to take the ancient and weave it into our modern world. To bring about deep transformation and change.

Part of my path has been learning and utilizing that energy for spiritual growth, healing, and expansion. In addition, I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening 14 years ago. This was another very rapid transformation and spiritual awakening. My direct experience with this energy lasted about 4 months. It awakens and shifts a tremendous amount of energy through the body and energy channels. Not exactly an easy thing to navigate. From this experience, I learned useful ways to balance, manage, and work with this powerful energy. I can assist anyone who is having difficulty from kundalini energy. The true activation of this energy is no joke. I have compassion for all who have had the truth of this experience.

Through all this, I have learned to shift dense energy into usable light. I understand the transformational process deeply in my self. I have overcome much in my own personal healing journey and offer a deep level of authenticity and care for you and your soul. I am a strong conduit for divine light. I believe that we are all masters of our lives and as such have power and ability  to shape our lives in the manner we choose.

I value keeping myself clear and grounded. I am always moving toward a higher state of evolution in my personal life, Self, and soul. I share what I know from all my experiences, and I truly love what I do!